Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saint Somewhere Saison

Back on the block. This beer the wife picked up in Central Florida while she was visiting some family. This puppy comes out of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Never heard of Tarpon Springs, but I'm sure their beer or their women are top notch. I guess I'll have to find out about one.

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State: Just drank a lot of Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Saint Somewhere Saison
Oh wow, the cork just came off by itself. Oh yeah that carbo goes fast. Nose has that sweet/sour of a farmhouse ale. Nice straw color and the beer is nucleating all over my glass (that's what she said). Big carbo and kinda jolly rancher taste to it. Has a nice pepper and moderate hop to it, lots of herbs and whatnot. The finish is rather dry. But I will say it puts me in that psychadelic mood that matches Gnarls Barkely's St. Elsewhere. Their website says they use open fermentation, which is awesome which means we are tasting Tarpon Springs in this beer. 3 Stars for this slightly tart ale.

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beer_chris said...

Saint Somewhere is tasty stuff. I brought back some from Tampa (Tarpon Springs is like the Sugarland of Tampa) from this year's spring training trip. I opened the Pays du Soleil when I was in FL and have a bottle of Saison waiting for me. Their beer is really interesting, maybe some of the only really authentic farmhouse beers we get here.

They invite the public to help them on bottling day, and pay you in beer. Not a bad deal.