Saturday, February 12, 2011

Give me Beer or Give me Death: HB660

All three of my readers are waiting to see me blog about HB 660, the Texas House bill that will allow microbreweries to sell beer at the brewery at the conclusion of brewery tours. Something on the order of 48 12-ounce beers. Everyone knows that I'm a business guy, who feels that any business that fails is it's own fault. I've got a lot of things to do today, but I will say that we should certainly support this bill.

With a law like this in place, the number of microbreweries in Texas would SKYROCKET. You could actually stay in business long enough to become a player in the game. Please write your representative about the bill and voice your support. Check out for more information.

We find ourselves at a serious crossroads here in Texas Craft Beer. A number of brewers are trying to get going, and these entrepreneurs truly embody the spirit of free enterprise and pride in one's product. Right now these folks are hamstrung by laws that force them to only sell their beer via distributors. Whatever that profit margin is, it's NOTHING compared to the profit margin micros could get by selling just a fraction of their beer onsite.

The distributors will have nothing to worry about. Only a small few are actually going to dragass all the way to the brewery for a few bottles. 98% of the time, we are all going to go to Specs or HEB or Kroger to get our beering. However, letting these folks sell some beer onsite will give the micros a chance to build capital quickly, and allow them to remain viable businesses while they are pounding the pavement for taps and shelf space.

BTW, Rally today at the Flying Saucer in Houston at 3PM. Some special beers will be poured and I'm sure someone will get a speech going or something. The more the merrier.

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