Monday, November 29, 2010

Beer de Goord

Just got back from Dixie and feeling pretty good.

Beer Log: right now
State: Feeling fine, but my eye is killing me

Jolly Pumpkin Beire de Goord
At least I think that's how that is spelled. We got this hazy straw colored moderately sour smelling beer from the Rare Beer of the Month club. Taste is rather sour, kinda bretty as well. Mouthfeel is gritty, bitter like grapefruit rather than grapefruity hops. Makes me get that sour beer face. Hmmm. I'm not getting all that pumpkin and spices they claim are in this bad boy. I get a light bread in there in the aftertaste. I can take it however. Beeradvocate has this thing HIGHLY rated, but whatever. I guess we should have cellared it or something as this one is a limited edition. No rating.

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