Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winter Bok?

Beer Log: February 24, 2009
State: At the Flying Saucer before the Dynamo game

We’re here hoping the Dynamo can do a little something in the CONCACAF, even our clubs talent has been gutted in the last few months. We now have little chance of making it to past the Mexican clubs now, or for next years CONCACAF.

So to prepare for the game, we’re getting a few new brews.

Franconia Dunkel
The name is the inspiration for the video below. Brown and opaque. Has a roasted and coffee nose. Tastes a little slippery on the mouthfeel. Kinda film an dcoating. It has a decent chocolate malt with coffee notes back in the tongue. Low hops. Maybe gets better as it warms, but I’ve had bigger flavors for my dark lagers (like the Heini I’m drinking right now 4/27/09). Add to that it’s souring up on me as it warms. Low 3 Star.

Barbar WinterBok
Pitch black an opaque. Very strong tanish-grey head. Not much of a nose. It’s a very sweet and strong bock. Kinda like a cinnamon sugar cookie on steroids. Very high malt, little hops, and very smooth. 4 Star bock. This one is worthy of the Misses. Very quick finish. Almost imperial like with the malt. Certainly has the bock style of malt. Not just caramel or just coffee, more something like a twizzlers on a smoked grill. High in the runnings for Winter beer of the Seaon.

Belhaven Stout
No need to follow up Barbar with a kolsch. Nitro head (very creamy) with a deep brown color. Love watching a nitrogen head settle as the bubbles go up and down. Chocolate nose coming off of a tan colored beer. It’s very malty and pretty roasty as well. Very smooth and full bodied, repping well what I think a stout should be. High 3 Star.

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